The disease in Middle Eastern fireplace expired medicines?

“Fireplace in the Middle East” is the phrase often used international media to refer to the persistent conflict lasted decades between countries here. Fireplace roaring flaming fires him when the two powers Iran and Saudi Arab “led by” many different inputs labor allies to cause conflict is religious, dynastic feud had from many centuries ago.

Doused the oil on fire

Everything begins on 2 January 2016 when Arab Saudi to death 47 people being judgmental is terrorism. Notably including 5 Muslim Shiite line, consisting of a prominent cleric. Arab Saudi Kingdom of Islam under the Sunni, the Shiite minority is only here.

Also in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Shiite majority, the Sunni minority. There are many Muslim countries in the Middle East that the Shiite majority stream, but Iran was the first nation to action on the opposition of Arab Saudi for many reasons (will be presented in the article).

Just hours after the Arab Saudi executed 47 people, Max on January 2, the Iranians have down the road rally to condemn Arab Saudi culminating as they vandalize the Arab Saudi embassies in Tehran and consulates in the cities of Mahshad. Immediately, Arab Saudi statement cut off diplomatic relations with Iran. Two days later, Riyad declared to sever trade relations always and with Tehran.

At the same time, many Arab allies Saudi national also announced to stop diplomatic channels or downgrade relations with Iran. Specifically on January 4, Bahrain and Sudan severed diplomatic relations with Iran, while the United Arab Emirates unification to downgrade diplomatic relations with Tehran.

Arab Saudi Embassy in Iran was attacked.
Arab Saudi Embassy in Iran was attacked.

The Iranian side also entice the allies joined to condemn the actions of the Arab Saudi. Newspapers based in Kuwat described executions clergy Nimr al-Nimr of Arab Saudi’s “crimes”.

Muhammad Abd-al-Jabbar al-Shabbut, journalist for Al-Sabah said: “the execution of cleric Al-Nimr will counterproductive and this should only be the last resort”. In the same perspective, the article of Al-Adalah, Iraq, insisted: “the execution of Al-Nimr did not help reduce tension in Arab Saudi. It only increased violence “.

Al-Thawrah newspaper of Syria, the Arab Saudis slammed world: “under the management regime of Al-Saud human rights violations, hindering freedom of speech and freedom of the individual, and the use of measures such as the savage beheadings of the middle ages”.

Meanwhile, Nasri al-Sayigh, correspondent of the newspaper Al-Safir, Leban, stated: “The report on human rights in Arab Saudi stand is exasperated. The people live in oppression. Arab Saudi Kingdom of darkness “. This is the country or has a majority Shiite Muslim or enemy of the Saudi Arab.

In addition, the media the Middle East also began to split into factions. An article of the newspaper Al-Riyadh the Saudi Arab supporters expressed outrage about the incident in the capital Tehran: “Iran has seen many attacks targeted at the Embassy. The attack damage to Iran, took place in a State too encouraged by a horde of thugs in the lead “.

Similarly, Al-Jazira also said: “Iran has shown its negative side. The action disrupts and petrol bombing the Arab Saudi Embassy proved that the country supported terrorism “. Author Khalid al-Sulayman wrote in the newspaper for that action, Ukaz rampage of the Iranian Government is not surprising. The statement offensive was predicted by Tehran is often given the vile insults and threats to live I’m too embarrassed.

In the article on Al-Ahram, Egypt’s Government newspaper, author Amr Abd-al-Sami stressed Egypt’s perspective: “we will stand the Saudi Arab party in the country’s war with Iran. We oppose the interference from outside of Iran in the internal affairs of the Arab Saudi “.

Article on Al-Rayah, Quatar’s top newspapers, said that the attack on the representative body of the Saudi Arab in Tehran is an offense. The Iranian Government should realize that this is the Act of violating international conventions. The newspaper Al-Rai of Jordan stated: the attack is part of tricks around the upcoming Iranian elections. “The main factor is preparing for the election and they should have a big enough reason to struggle through the demonstrations,” the newspaper wrote.

People take photographs of the cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in demonstrations in Tehran.

“Buffalo and Cow fight”, who dies?

The strong reaction of the Saudi Arab to Iran is because of the way Tehran handles the crisis and the world’s teachers. Arab Saudi Foreign Minister confirmed, the country has the right to execution of cleric Al-Nimr for alleged “incitement, organized terrorist groups, supply of weapons and money for terrorism”. Mr. Al-Nimr, convicted of fomenting riots and other sins in 2014, is also an important leadership figures in the demonstration of Shiite Muslim men in the eastern Saudi Arab in 2011.

In addition, the Ryad also said that Tehran had not controlled the protesters so they climbed into the fence disrupts Arab Saudi diplomatic facility, so is violating international conventions on diplomatic corps. Ryad also weighed words that are actions cover Tehran’s terror.

For its part, the Iranian Government condemn the protesters in the country but said that those who executed the opposing component is in the Arab Emirates and they were “paste the labels” terrorists.

In Iran, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, a cleric told Mehr News Agency that, executions reflected what he called the “criminal nature” of the clan ruled the Arab Saudi and says that the country will have to suffer “vengeance of the gods” because his Al-Nimr. The great Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami cleric is the spiritual leader of Muslims in Iran should the claims he’s had a huge impact with them.

According to gender analysis, 47 executions in Saudi Arab as is with 2 goals. The first is strangling the support for elements of the Sunni holy war has just not offended moderate Sunnis. Aimeen Dean, the Saudi Arab experts that executed clergy Al-Nimr as “the worst variant for Riyad. If jailed, he will become the hero in the hearts of the faithful Shiite lines. Sunnis in Saudi Arab will be very angry by doing so makes the Arab Saudi seems afraid of Iran and Shiite lines “.

Demonstrators protesting the executions of Muslim cleric Shiite line in Baghdad, Iraq.
Demonstrators protesting the executions of Muslim cleric Shiite line in Baghdad, Iraq.

Riyad know kill 4 Shiite people would cause protests abroad but they believe it can control the situation in the country. According to their calculations, this action can reassure minority Sunni community that the Government was on their side. But always afraid Iran, Islamic Shiite line water, growing influence in the Middle East, Arab Saudi royal song credited the Sunni insurgency in the country is the biggest threat to their power.

In addition, there are also analysts believe that this is the response of the Ryad for America. “This is more than enough. Other times Tehran again taunt the West. They continue to sponsor terrorism, ballistic missile shot that never were. For each cause, the Iranian American concessions. Thus, Arab Saudi must hand out “-Reuters quoted an expert says. The Gulf countries each accuse Washington of ignoring their interests to reach a nuclear deal with Iran in July 2015.

Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arab are causing the world concern because Middle Eastern fireplace fire smoldering capital from centuries past in danger of erupting into a huge fire. In addition to religious conflict, both Iran and Saudi Arab are all want to become national leader of the Muslim world and have a very different opinion about order and stabilize the Middle East. The two countries have been engaged indirect military support when the opposing forces in the conflict in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon.

In 2010, the website WikiLeaks published secret diplomatic documents showed King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia called the America attack Iran to evict nuclear programs of Tehran.

In a statement yesterday, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said: “we are especially concerned that the executions of famous Shiite clerics, at the same time as a political activist Nimr al-Nimr risks causing more severe for the tension at the time that the factions stress this urgent need to minimize”. While China, Germany, France called for Riyadh and Tehran hypothermia, then Russia declared ready to do mediation.

The Syrian crisis are expected on a political compromise at the end of January 2016. However, when the execution of Shiite dignitaries, Arab Saudi view Iran as the enemy and such extensive anti-Union project ISIL including Russia and Iran engage hard to implement. Sex determination analysis, calculation of the Arab Saudi can entice the whole Middle East, are engulfed in fire, on whirlpool constant.

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