The French presidential election and the future of Europe

For the EU, the presidential elections in France have significant impact and is more powerful than the previous Parliament election in the Netherlands, the general election ahead of time here in the UK and the Congressional election in Germany this fall.

After the UK decided to come out of the EU (Brexit), following the election of Mr. Donald Trump in the last presidential election year in the U.S., the Dutch Government’s escape in the Congressional elections just then and after the happenings in France in the past period towards the presidential elections , the deep fears and insecurities mood in the EU is totally unfounded. Despite what happened in America or Britain, the Netherlands or France, you are forcing the EU must reflect and look back at yourself.

5 many potential candidates for the French presidential election in 2017. Source: AFP
5 many potential candidates for the French presidential election in 2017. Source: AFP

In all of these places are found reveal a sharp turn on politics and culture deeply in internally, both social and psychological movements has found no pros for the EU, from the opposition, were to see the advocates go backwards with the development orientation, even with just the purpose of the EU. Extreme, populist and nationalist will restore the role of the national State’s isolation on the continent rather than serve the objective for the EU that the continent be pursued. Self-contained market, protectionism, ban foreigners, particularly Muslims not only fundamental differences but also contrasts completely with the purpose of cooperation and linking areas of the EU.

The reality in the country shows the development achievements that the EU has achieved to date has not be sustainable and basic to the point enough to no longer be reversed. Separatist movements and opposition to the EU can only wake was strong like in Europe when the EU has “slept” before the variable, changes and new challenges, if not help countries solve new problems arise in which even became a part of the problem in her country. England did Brexit. The Dutch Government to stop extreme populist faction took power but not real thanks to increased prestige and influence, but also suffered from the reputation and influence.

In France, although presidential candidate would win, the culture of politics and society in that country is still very serious and deep, deep and become more serious by the election. America at the stem when you are separated, profile, France again weakened and Lam difficult issues like private-EU we have what no other shows loads of single releases. Resonance effects of all mistakes and inadequacies in the party along with the environmental impact from non-pros like outside not only challenges but also threaten the future of the EU actually, forcing the EU and it must reform and change.

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