[Live stream] The meeting history South Korea-North Korea

Earlier today, the first time in more than a decade, the leaders of South Korea and North Korea meet directly and negotiate to end the hostility lasted years.

The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-In and Korean leader Kim Jong Un meet in Panmunjom truce village in the demilitarized zone is located at the border of the two countries. The Conference consists of three potentially subject to change the world-nuclear disarmament on the Korean peninsula, a peace agreement and improved relations.

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According to the Reuters news agency, in the scrapbook at home peace, says Kim Jong Un has written: “the new history began at this time; The era of peace, from the starting point of the history “.


Mr. Moon he praised Kim Jong Un has had a “brave decision” when going through the border between the two countries. He was Kim Jong Un also humor as saying: “I hope he will really enjoy the noodles that we brought to the “. Kim Jong Un alludes to the famous cold noodles of Korea, by your best chefs taste be the average Nhưỡnng elections to prepare.

The two leaders then asked the press to leave them to be “comfortable”.


The two leaders end of chat and begin a public dialogue before the lens of the camera. According to CNN, this is a very friendly exchange between the two leaders of South Korea and North Korea. Each side has two officials to accompany heads of State attended the dialogue. Kim Jong Un expressed the hope, the talks with the South Korean President will “frankly” and bring “good results”.

The two leaders in the meeting room

The two leaders were present at the meeting rooms inside the House of peace. Prior to that, Mr. Kim Jong Un has signed the guestbook, while Mr Moon Jae-in is strictly stand next page.

The meeting history streamed South Korea-North Korea

The national anthem and the United

The two leaders Browse team honors on South Korean soil. They take pictures with small children, flag and steps along the red carpet to review.

Kim was welcomed at the level of Heads of State. This is the recognition that the North Korean leader has long desired.

Historical moments

The two leaders shake hands at the line of the border before he was Kim Jong Un to put the first step into the land of Korea.

The handshakes, smiles and loud shouting resound around. This is a historic event that just months ago was the least thing one can think of.

Very few details about the journey from Pyongyang to the border of Mr. Kim Jong Un. North Korean leader leads the delegation of nine people, among them of course has a younger sister Kim Yo-Jong who keep a featured role in recent times. Accompanied him also many senior military officials, including the Secretary of Defense, and several diplomats.

South Korean President’s convoy was passing through the bridge of unity and we have had a presence in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). On many road sections, people poured out of both sides of the road chanting and waving welcome.

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