The T-90 tank invulnerable before missiles on the battlefield of Syria

“The impregnable tank before the missile”- that’s how The Times (uk) called the Russian T-90 is deployed in Syria. The British journalist acknowledge the high efficiency of T-90 tanks.

In the last week, under the cover of the T-90 tank, Syrian Government troops have gained control of the route offers the only logistics from the border to Turkey of rebel groups.

Thanks to electronic countermeasures, the T-90 was the detection of missile launches and uses infrared rays to deflect them. According to the article posted on the, this defense method makes the missile becomes completely harmless.

In addition the T-90 is also protected by the reactive armor (ERA) advanced, making artillery shells or rockets exploded just outside and not harm the tires.

The journalist stressed that reactive was used extensively on the battlefield to Syria, but the T-90s “is a more advanced tanks,” to dismantle it need much more penetration warhead missile.

The T-90 tank invulnerable before missiles on the battlefield of Syria
The British journalist particularly interested in articles of colleague Jeremy Benny, editors who are dedicated to the Middle East region of Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Based on a number of sources on the net, Benny shared that in the course of the important battles took place near the city of Aleppo, the turrets of tanks and armored vehicles surrounded by so many boxes of explosive reactive armour.

However this journalist has not yet had the opportunity to review the video to record the battle has participation of T-90 tanks.

Known earlier in February 2016 has appear the video showed T-90 appears in the region of Aleppo.

As more electronic information page, a total of 15 Russian tanks are mobilized for military operations in the area, this is the aid intended for the elite forces of the Syrian army.

Control the modern T-90 is the soldiers are recruited from those who have experience to drive the T-72 that aims to shorten the training time.

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