The tail of MH370 on the coast of Mozambique

Today, Officials said they are an identifiable fragments have been found in Mozambique, suspected to be that of the missing plane MH370.

The tail of MH370 on the coast of Mozambique
A division of MH370. Photo:

The spokesman of the Coordination Centre for search or they’re along the Mozambique and Malaysia officials learn to see fragments of the aircraft came from, according to CBS News.

Is the horizontal stabiliser shell fragments of the aircraft, CNN quoted U.S. officials said.

Malaysia’s MH370 aircraft March 2014 suddenly disappeared when on his way from Malaysia to Beijing.

Australian officials in last year for analysis confirmed or they can search in the correct location on the Indian Ocean. The search spread out over an area of 46000 square from 2014 but no traces whatsoever.

A U.S. aviation sources said that at present does not have any Boeing 777 would disappear except MH370. This debris is being sent to Malaysia to investigate.

According to an official of the United States “clearly debris from a Boeing 777 aircraft, aircraft-like MH370”.

However, the Malaysian Airlines proved cautious before this and claiming that the information is still too early to give any comment.

Malaysia’s MH370 aircraft in March 2014 suddenly disappeared while en route from Kuala Lumpur to China. There were 239 people on board.

In September last year, the French investigators confirmed the aircraft debris was found on the island of Reunion two months earlier as part of the MH370 aircraft missing.

Maybe said that Flight  Boeing 777 MH370 missing is the most special event of the history of the aviation industry in the world, this event did take a lot of effort and time of many people…

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