The truth makes Russian President Putin and US presidential candidate Donald Trump complimented each other

The truth makes Putin and Donald Trump complimented each otherBillionaires candidates Donald Trump for the American Presidency has more perspective hit with the idea of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Billionaires are the U.S presidential candidate Donald Trump several times with the same general views with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on issues of the world.

On December 17, when the known Russian President Vladimir Putin take the praise about Russian-American harmony viewpoint of billionaire Donald Trump, who is a candidate to the Presidency of America feel honored.

Mr. Donald Trump himself believe in good relations with Putin and said, adding: “I always feel Russia and America can work well together on the issue of fighting terrorism and repeated world peace, not to say anything to the trade sector and all the other benefits stemming from the mutual respect”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. presidential billionaire Donald Trump has many overlapping ideas.

This sharing of his words Trump appears after the head of Russia’s desire to improve relations with the U.S. If Trump became President of the United States of America.

“He is a very wise, very talented, not doubt about that. Not U.S reviews of his virtues, it was due to American voters, but he is an absolute leader in the presidential race.

He said that U.S.-Russian relations would like to put up a new step, a deeper level. How do we not applaud that? Of course we welcome, “Reuters news agency quoted the Kremlin boss.

In a 10-month debate on White House Chair, when asked what he would do to bring the presence of Russia out of Syria, Mr. Donald Trump answered that first of all he will win the respect of Putin. Then, he said, “I would agreed with Putin, chat with him and the world will be much more stable.”

Mr. Trump also said that: “In a moment, Russia has attacked American hit training, but we are talking about the force that I don’t know who they are. I was talking with an army General on 2 days ago and he could not distinguish the moderate opposition known as the who, the American trainer who.

However, the United States is giving them billions of dollars to fight against Syrian President Bashar Assad. I didn’t say Assad is good people, however, who we can support more so bad “.

This view of Mr. Trump also resembles the previous opinion of Mr Putin regarding the Syrian issue and the combination between Russia and America, will be able to destroy Islamic terrorist forces IS in the Middle East.

Russian troops before the war into Syria, to comment on the Us refusal to work with Russian delegation to discuss terrorist situation here, Russian President Putin does not explain is why the Americans did this.

President Putin also criticized U.S. policy in the conflict in Syria and the decline of Washington in cooperation with Moscow on a plan to end the crisis.

“Russia’s activities are contributing to the fight against the growth of terrorism, a danger for the whole of America, Russia, Europe and the rest of the world,” the head of the Kremlin statement.

In addition to terrorism IS, Trump still a spokesman earlier as the existence of Saddam or Gaddafi will make the situation here would be better today when the world IS facing.

“People were beheaded. They were murdered. Now, the situation is still worse than under Saddam or Gaddafi. I mean, let’s look at what has happened. Libya is a disaster. Iraq, Syria also is a disaster. Both in the Middle East. All of the disaster around Hillary Clinton and Obama “.

Donald Trump said Gaddafi will also better than IS available today.

“If looking at Iraq from many years ago, I’m not saying Saddam is a good person. He is a terrible person, but Iraq which is still better than now, ” Trump said.

This statement by Mr. Trump reminiscent of ideological opposition campaign against Gaddafi says Putin, accusing the country of a join operation by NATO commander deviate the mandate of the United Nations in imposing a no-fly zone and protect the civilians.

The “no-fly zone is like if every night they throw bombs at the mansion where he Gaddafi live … Some officials are claiming to want to destroy Mr Gaddafi. Who allow them to do this? Whatever, probably the Court? Who himself right-the right to kill a person, regardless of who it is who? “, Mr Putin giving interviews.

Late March 2011, Mr Putin thus expressed opposition to resolutions of the UN Security Council on imposing no-fly zone in Libya. Mr. Putin described it as “a medieval crusade”.

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