There are 90% of voters want Catalan separated from Spain

The Catalan Government said 90% of the people go to vote in the referendum on 1 October look forward to this autonomous region separated from Spain.

The guardian quoted the spokesman of the Catalan Government, Mr. Jordi Turull, said 90% of the voters in the referendum of wanting independence. In contrast, 8 percent of voters oppose the autonomous region broke away from Spain.

15,000 remaining ballots are still to be tested. The number of participants vote on 1 October is 2.26 million. Meanwhile, the number of electoral registration is 5.3 million.

The people of Catalan referendum. Photo: Reuters.
The people of Catalan referendum. Photo: Reuters.

Turull says that statistics on excluding people with Spanish police repression and prevent. At least 844 people 33 police were hurt in the process of taking a vote.

Mr. Carles Puigdemont, leader of the Catalan region, has voiced criticism of the Spanish police force and affirm the referendum results will be sent to the Catalan Parliament.

Earlier, the Government organized Catalan referendum on 1 October to leave the decision to the Central Government. The Spanish Government declared to stop the vote and said it “unconstitutional”.

The support of secession increased sharply in the past few years when Spain experienced economic crisis. Many Catalan is still angry about the decision of the Constitutional Court of Spain seven years ago, in which the parts of the Catalan autonomy law in 2006 was cancelled or modified, causing their autonomy be expanded as desired.

The Catalan Government ever confirmed the referendum will be binding on the legal side and promised to declare independence from Spain within 48 hours after the voting results in the case supported the breakaway faction to win.

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