Tips to find cheap hotel rooms in Singapore

Choose low season or the hotel is located far from the Center will help you put are cheap rooms, travel cost savings in the Singapore Lions..

If the flexible application of the recipes below, you can find the room discounts up to 60%.

Reservations during season low points

One of the easiest ways to save costs in Singapore are planning to avoid the peak season. By the time the low point of the hotels will be more attractive than the promotions.

Visitors can book rooms through the sites with preferential prices as agoda, booking … A number of hotels in Singapore during the low season there when the next room discounts of 60%.

Low period in Singapore fall to 3-5 and 8-10 month month. However, you should avoid September because formula one car race.

Low season travel will help you earn more cheap rooms and various attractive incentives.
Low season travel will help you earn more cheap rooms and various attractive incentives.

Go on weekdays

The time between downloads, hotels close to the amount of visitors travel, meetings instead of going holiday resorts. So easy to put the cheap rooms are in the hotel. Be comfortable with your travel schedule and converter in time at the hotel. Another point of note is that should find the hotels professional for the task if you can only go to Singapore at the end of the week.

If interested in the Interior and location of access, you will be pleased because the hotels for business is located quite near the Station MRT (subway), equipped with beautiful furniture, free wireless network equipment, gym, swimming pool …

To find the hotel is located far from the Center

In Singapore, there are a number of densely populated County with moderately priced hotels money for travel. The address consists of many cheap rooms as far from the Centre, the shopping and business district. However, you still find it easy to move thanks to the convenience of the MRT system. Almost from the hotel guests need only to walk to the train station.

The District of Singapore which you can search for hotels such as Changi, Geylang is on, Lavender, Little India and Chinatown.

When looking for hotels in Singapore on the booking system, in addition to regional, County lookup (hotel area) then you should also see the reviews of hotels (star rating). To save visitors to the hotel 2 stars with rates under $100/night or hostel (rooms like hotels but for the long-term stay) has a 1 star.

Find cheap hotels under 100 Dollars

If you want to have clean rooms, good facilities and free wireless network such as laundry services and then try to search with the criteria above. We have 3 hotel chain savings rates in Singapore: 81, Gragrance and Santa Grand. Here, they give you more than 50 hotels across Singapore and most rooms are priced under $100/night.

Take advantage of the room “cheaper than both the cheap”

Those very smart or use this method to find room in Singapore. The main source of this alternative accommodation is the “special” rooms in the hostel. Everyone commented this category pretty luộm thuộm, noise, lack of privacy and often reserved for the guests of “the child and the bloody adventure”.

In Singapore, you find many hostel clean, modern and good management. Fact, some hostel also comfortable furnishings such as coffee, lounge chairs. These places can meet the needs of both alone and in groups of 4 people. Almost kind of room only prices under 50 Dollars per night.

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