Top 10 places to catch the world’s most interesting Christmas 2015

Top 10 places to catch the most exciting Christmas was selected from the list of 1000 the best places due to Lonely Planet magazine.
Top 10 places to catch the world's most interesting Christmas 2015
1. Bethlehem, West Bank Palestine

For those who follow Christianity, nothing compares with a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Jesus-Bethlehem Jerusalem, about 10 km to the South.

Source of energy on Manger Square and in the old city on the eve of Christmas can illuminate a whole forest of Christmas trees and is where people focus wait time clock 12-hour carving night at the Church of St. Catherine, intended to serve the 24 mi-far (Mass) at midnight.

2. Santa Claus Village, Finland
Santa Claus Village, FinlandHead to the village of Santa Claus (Finland)-visit the home of Santa Claus and experience the winter atmosphere of the Arctic lands. The allure of “brand” Santa Claus has attracted over half a million visitors flock here each year all over the world, despite the cold weather.

Here there are many restaurants and shops serving Noel, but most attraction with visitors as to the village of Santa Claus is the opportunity to chat and take a picture with Santa Claus “by the bones with the meat”.

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico – United States of America

In San Juan, people celebrate Christmas and new year in 3 consecutive months, from October to the following January. During this time, the city hosted many festivals, lit the brilliant night lights, the Christmas carols resound everywhere and everyone can enjoy grilled pork, watching Fireworks when coming to the city on this occasion.

On the night of the Nativity, the people of Puerto Rico again participated in the Festival of Misa de Gallo to reproduce the scene of the Lord’s birth. Eve, locals will divide the guests each person 12 grapes to symbolize luck in big party organized by the Government.

Exciting activities for this which is the Festival of “El Día de los Tres Reyes Magos” or also known as “Three Kings Day”, in which children can receive presents at the Governor of San Juan.

4. The 24 Mi-far from the middle of the night, the Vatican, Italy

The Vatican City is where the magical and always magical at any time of year, but in December it has more special than usual, with roasted chestnuts sold on every street corner and inundated the Nativity picture. The Vatican is the charismatic place many pilgrims, and at midnight mass at the Church of St. Peter on Christmas night is a memorable moment.

5. New York City, United States of America
New York City, United States of AmericaAt Rockefeller Center, one of the world’s tallest Christmas tree is lit brilliantly at the beginning of December. Ice skating below it is always a great experience for any traveler would visit New York on Christmas, while visiting and shopping the souvenir is on display in the large and luxurious shops of New York.

6. Reykjavik (Iceland)

In Reykjavik, according to folklore, will not only 1 but up to 13 Santa Claus go gifts in Christmas night.

Not far from Reykjavik, the Christmas village in Hafnarfjördur also was known in legend as the home of the Elves.

Eve, the bonfire and fireworks in all over Iceland.

7. The City of Nuremberg, Germany
The City of Nuremberg, GermanyChristmas market in Nuremberg, Germany is the oldest market of the Christmas market in Europe, with over 200 stalls

Visit the markets for Christmas in the Haupt markt of Nuremberg (Germany), visitors will have the opportunity to see the 180 stalls sold toys, jewelry, candles, gingerbread … and the air is warmed up by the pork sausage dish is fried “pancake pancake” and the glass of Mulled wine. Strolling the shopping market in the Christmas season is also not attracted by the beautiful scenery is so colorful. the colored lights create a spectacle as in tales.

8. The City of Zurich, Switzerland

The ridges, snow, along cobbled streets make Switzerland became a place of fascinating each time to the Christmas season. The city of Zurich will fascinate visitors by the Christmas tree is “singing” is seeing a vivid way in Werdmuhleplatz area. On a stage decorated triangular enough green trees and decorative lights, and a combination of ca will bring up the sweet Christmas carols.

9. Tokyo-Japan

During Christmas, the streets in Tokyo, Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka especially flashes lit by thousands of lights decorate using solar and LED lights.

Christmas in Tokyo is a landscape steeped in colour, along with the freely celebrate Christmas of different religions. Christmas Eve is a big event, like the Valentine’s day. The dishes in this Christmas of Japan also had the fried chicken with be sponge cake covered with whipped cream and strawberries.

10. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Christmas in the town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is one of the most important holidays of the year. People in San Miguel de Allende has traditionally celebrate Christmas so gloriously with many public activities. Visitors will enjoy the wine from fruit processing and ponche liquor and sweet bread rosca de reye. In addition, visitors can admire the dazzling Fireworks, lively dances at El Jardin.

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