U.S.- North Korea Summit: China should worry more than glad?

About the expert review, U.S.- North Korea Summit successful in Singapore has put China in the position of isolation in Asia, China should worry more than excited because Beijing will have to face the consequences can not guess before.

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un signed a peace deal and advanced to nuclear disarmament after the Summit, taking place in Singapore, the benefits that the Korean peninsula is getting very big. But according to CNN, with China, the United States of America-North Korea Summit leave Beijing had worried more than excited.

The U.S.-North Korea tensions after the termination of the range declared by the two leaders threatened military attack each other, the risk of war right next to the Chinese border will be deleted. In addition, the United States and the international community to remove the bulk of trade sanctions with North Korea will also help the Government of Pyongyang to a new stable period. However, according to the analyst of Asia, China should account for the rule of the consequences cannot be anticipated.

“Compared with the current situation, the stability on the Korean peninsula in the future will help Us have the freedom to pursue a more strategic competition with China,” CNN quoted Mr. Corey Wallace, Asian security analyst at the University remained the in Berlin.

Strategic competitive race between the United States of America-Central heated just before the U.S-North Korea Summit shelf took place in Singapore when the United States has both the Declaration and the action aimed to protest military action unauthorized goods by Beijing in the South China Sea.

“Though China has emerged uncontested, active deployment of weapons systems was direct use of force for the purpose of bullying. Do not to make mistakes. America will still present in the Indian-Pacific. This is America’s priority areas, “the US Defense Secretary James Mattis spoke at the Shangri-La dialogue event 2018 in Singapore last week.

Also according to Mr Wallace, tension on the Korean Peninsula be deleted will probably lead to the tens of thousands of American troops the freedom to operate in the area.

In other words, once the responsibility to safeguard the security for South Korea was reduced, the American soldiers operate on the North Korean peninsula will be used as a resource to deploy in strength to many other areas in the Asia-Pacific as in Japan , Singapore, Australia and the Philippines. This means the U.S. will focus on dealing with reconstruction operations expand China’s influence in the region.

“The US military would not simply Pack and line up on the water,” Mr. Wallace said.

In addition, China also needs to talk to longtime ally North Korea will move to close new friends is America if the American-North Korea Summit taking place successfully.

“The construction of a new relationship with the United States could affect China’s benefits if Pyongyang decided to prioritize the maintenance of good relations with Washington than with Beijing,” said Timothy Heath, senior defense analyst at the RAND Corp. identified.

“Like other countries in Asia, North Korea tend to progress to warm up relations with the U.S. to create a balance of power of China,” said Heath added.

In particular, North Korea could have signed the trade agreement with the United States and some Western countries instead rely only on major economic partner for today’s China.

Analyst at the Lowy Institute in Australia, says Sam Roggeveen then that North Korea can claim to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads to attack New York City or Chicago’s American helping China win the premium section world. By Pyongyang’s statement meant the allies of the United States of America posed the question whether Washington is willing to support in the case of the Allied attack.

“Japan and South Korea will pose the question: ‘ Does America have dared to sacrifice a large city to protect us? The answer is “no,” said Roggeveen share.

But once the threat from North Korea disappears, America’s allies in Asia will feel safer, although still facing a threat from China.

Also according to the analysts, although North Korea still posed a threat for the countries of North Asia, the influence of China in the new areas is the main cause of more and more countries accept follow the trajectory of the United States.

However, according to Mr Wallace, even when the American-North Korea Summit achieved successful results, “nightmare” for China and America’s allies in the region still have not ended. In other words, in the program of nuclear disarmament, North Korea will only abandon the long-range missiles capable of attacking U.s. territory, while a series of short-range missiles by Pyongyang could still threaten Japan and South Korea.

This will lead to the U.S. ‘s allies seeking to develop a nuclear arsenal of its own taking an armed race in North Asia. The growing number of countries in the region to pursue the nuclear armament would also push the increasing unrest.

“This is the unexpected consequences after the Summit the US-North Korea,” said Wallace concluded.

Also according to Mr Roggeveen, to prepare for the unexpected consequences on, China is continuing to deploy more active throughout the years such as: expanding unilateral sovereignty in the South China Sea; intensify the diplomatic pressure and conduct military exercises near Taiwan; deployment of ships and planes coming near the Islands dispute with Japan/Senkaku Cigarettes Fisheries in the East China Sea; construction and modernization of the armed forces; as well as boost the relations of economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Roggeveen expert also stressed, China still see nuclear program of North Korea is “effective tools to serve the greater purpose as reducing America’s strategic position in Asia”.

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