U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and emotional encounters in Ca Mau, Vietnam

During the visit, Vietnam on July 14, 2017, says John Kerry has met Vietnam’s revolutionary soldier, who was his rival in the Vietnam war.

During a visit to Vietnam last on U.S. Secretary of State position, said John Kerry was again to the NamCan, in Ca Mau, Vietnam where he ever had about her time in the U.S. military early, according to the Washington Post.

They say Vietnam’s people will always be grateful to Mr. John Kerry because of the work that he has contributed to building the nation Vietnam in the past time, Says John Kerry will forever stay in the hearts of the people of Vietnam. …

Mr. John Kerry River excursions in Ca Mau of the last visit to Vietnam on U.S. Secretary of State position.
Mr. John Kerry River excursions in Ca Mau of the last visit to Vietnam on U.S. Secretary of State position.

In 1969, John Kerry was a Lieutenant in command of a fleet of patrol boats on waterways in Ca Mau. In an ambush by local guerrillas, he narrowly escaped death in the war.

48 years later, when entering the final period in his political career, Mr. Kerry back in the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam and the Vietnam Veterans who meet in the other side of the frontline in the battle.

No longer are the two enemies against each other between the two banks of the line, in the brief encounters, both Mr. Kerry and Mr. VoVanTam the same delimiting the past, embarking together on the pier.

Mr. Tam year Vietnam people 70 years old and is one of the old revolutionary soldiers in Ca Mau. Years old he was lying in wait in the grass wiping to ambush his patrol boat Kerry, waiting time of the army of the American Secretary of State.

According to the Washington Post, this short encounter between two children who had been enemies in the past has been the head of the US Embassy officials held.

U.s. Secretary of State to look intently into the white-hat man standing in front of his face and listen to revolutionary soldier Vietnam recounted one of those moments that you never forget in life.

Mr Tam said with Mr. Kerry that his teammates when it heard from 900 meters away from the boat and said that American soldiers did not have the opportunity to react.

“We are guerrillas,” he said, “we are not hiding in places where American soldiers opened fire”.

“I’m glad we’re all alive,” said Kerry told Mau soldier when both grabbed hand each other.

Secretary of State John Kerry shake hands he VoVanTam, revolutionary soldiers years old participated in the ambush on his patrol boat.

The meeting of Mr. Kerry with his VoVanTam to be the emotional peak of the two-day visit in Vietnam, one of the last foreign trip on his American Secretary of State position. Mr. Kerry’s Office in Foggy Bottom has started the operation of arrangements in the end to be ready to move to Boston.

World observation that the veteran Senator from Massachusetts will no longer continue to participate in the political arena after this term, but he can still participate in some sectors about climate change and other environmental issues. In that he is especially interested in the impact of sea-level rise and hydroelectric dams on the River in the lower Mekong River Delta.

According to the Washington Post, Mr. Kerry had the conversation engrossed with a local scientists about the effects of saline intrusion after the region suffered prolonged drought earlier this year 2016. This is the most severe drought throughout more than 100 years, the long-term impact to people’s subsistence.

The end of the visit, Mr. Kerry says he will return to Vietnam, the country welcomed him as a son misled back home.

The people of Vietnam are Foreign Minister John Kerry and Senator John McCain are each involved in Vietnam Veterans. People waving Hello Vietnam boat excursions on the river of Mr. Kerry to go through.

After returning to America, both actively participated in Vietnam war protests, and the following year the two politician contributed so large for the normalization of Us-Vietnamese relations.

“John Kerry love Vietnam, and Vietnam people also liked John Kerry so”, Ed Miller, researcher on Vietnam at the University of Dartmouth-advisor about the visit of Mr. Kerry said.

Mr. Kerry felt proud to contribute to the normalization of relations and strengthening bilateral relations with Vietnam. Vietnam-American trade growth in the last 20 years has increased from 450 million dollars to 45 billion dollars.

“He regarded Vietnam as a major achievement in his political career,” said Tom Vallely, a longtime friend of defending Secretary of United States, who participated in the Fulbright College building fund Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City said.

Vietnamese-American relations in the past and the present are described like the mirror of the life of John Kerry.

“It was a great experience, that after everything, we now understand each other”, David Thorne, his childhood friend and was one of the mentors of Mr. Kerry said. “It was a miracle when we return this land to seek reconciliation,” David concluded.

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