Ukraine threatened conflict occurs with Russia if Moscow stops gas supply

Ukraine recently warned Moscow that there will be “serious geopolitical consequences” If Gazprom Corporation of Russia stopped supplying gas through the territory of Ukraine.

Commercial Director of Naftogaz of Ukraine Yuri Vitrenko said: “If the gas is not being supplied through the territory of Ukraine, the risk of a large-scale conflict between Russia and Ukraine will also increase”.

Large scale stress will occur if Russia stops gas supply through Ukraine?

“European politicians need to understand not only the economic consequences that Ukraine will have to suffer, but also the geopolitical consequences can seriously impact the entire world due to this problem” Vitrenko, he added.

Gas transit agreement between Ukraine and Moscow will expire in 2019. Gazprom, the airline said the deal will not be extended in any way. Although Russia’s corporations remains unanswered the ability to continue the gas transit operations, but they insisted that this could only happen if Ukraine create the appropriate conditions.

“Now the ball is completely in the side yard of the Ukraine. They certainly understand the appeal of the economics of a deal, “Gazprom Vice President Alexander Medvedev said.

Russia are looking to cut the volume of gas that is through Ukraine and to focus on the transport of gas through pipelines flow to the North “Nord Stream” between Russia and Germany. Moscow says Kiev for years is an unreliable partner. Russia also is for the construction of pipelines in Turkey and flows in the future will provide gas to Europe through this pipeline.

According to the ceo of Gazprom Aleksey Miller, once two of this pipeline is complete, the volume of gas transit through Ukraine will be reduced 80% compared to current levels. He also added that Gazprom does not have the intention to help Ukraine restore its economy at the moment.

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