US and North Korean tension: analysis of likely triggered the war?

After a series of warnings to move from both the United States and North Korea, many people feared the possibility of a war on the Korean peninsula.

On 16/5, the North Korea missile launch but did not succeed. The move was made following the monumental review ceremony celebrates 105 years birthday issue President Kim despite many warnings of America about the possibility of attack if North Korea continued to take action increase tension in the region.

The peninsula of North Korea are in a State party “craters of the war” and the changes in the region will come after the election of the new President of South Korea.

On 16/4, North Korea fired a missile test but failed. (Artwork)
On 16/4, North Korea fired a missile test but failed. (Artwork)

1. The US-North Korean tensions: concerns over the possibility of war?

In terms of the cause, the United States, South Korea and even China are pressured to North Korea is not nuclear test on 105-year anniversary birthday trying to Chairman Kim.

During the meeting, President Donald Trump and President of China XI Jinping has had to control the nuclear problem of North Korea.

In addition, the U.S. move to put group aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to the peninsula in North Korea out of concern of Pyongyang held nuclear tests causing the situation becomes tense.

Both Washington and Pyongyang made tough statement, affirming readiness to attack or respond caused North Korean peninsula again into “craters of war”.

2. That the Act of the parties concerned effect on this situation?

This is not the first time the Korean peninsula fall into this condition. At present, can say no country would want to happen to conflict.

With us, they’re looking pressed directly with North Korea at the same time working with the Chinese to Beijing has the dynamics to refrain from Pyongyang on the issue of North Korea.

However, Beijing does not yet have any pronounced move to leverage North Korean issues in addition to the 150,000 soldiers to the border.

This action is aimed at putting pressure on China with the parties concerning North Korea and also prevent the possibility of war. Although the conflict has broken out or not, the main task of this force is to prevent North Korean refugees pouring over the border.

The hundreds of thousands of troops to the border of North Korea, may also be interpreted as China’s warning to the United States, South Korea and North Korea about “red Dick lizard” that Beijing can accept.

3. The possibility of conflict holds the U.S. and North Korea?

In my opinion, could not exclude the possibility of conflicts, especially with difficult to predict u.s. President Donald Trump.

However, the head of the White House will not be able to act in North Korea to Syria. Syria is where the war is happening, where exists the dangerous terrorists, meanwhile, North Korean peninsula are maintaining peace status.

In addition, Japan and South Korea can be viewed as the “hostage” for nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles of North Korea. Currently, the U.S. maintains troops in Japan and South Korea is to ensure security, if a conflict occurs, the two Allied Nations of Washington will have to bear heavy consequences.

So, even though “craters of the war” but no country will want to take the extra step. Although the situation is tense but there will be a party down the ladders, soothe the pressure in the area.

4. The North Korea nuclear test not on the birthday incident President Kim Il-Sung but the rockets right early the next morning, though failure?

This can be viewed as the action rescuing neckties of North Korea. Earlier, the satellite images indicate North Korea has launched the preparation in the area of nuclear testing, however, the pressure too great this time and Mr. Trump has vowed to attack if North Korea should Pyongyang nuclear test has no action outside review on April 15.

Maybe after the election of the President of South Korea in may, the country’s new President will declare for dialogue with North Korea and looking to Washington for direct dialogue with Pyongyang, that North Korea wants.

Besides, the failed missile test may also be viewed as the Act could hold an of North Korea. Especially when the international community almost no response or spokesperson on this issue.

Have to say, the North Korean issue will be developed after the upcoming presidential election of South Korea. Also today, the possibility of conflict is very low, as many times before, the Korean peninsula will back off from “the mouth of the pit war” after this condition to occur.

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