Vietnam bought weapon struck air-to-surface missile Delilah of Israel most feared

Vietnam purchased advanced weapons systems produced by Israel, in which the air force purchased the upgraded version of the Delilah air-to-surface cruise missiles. The front of this weapon system has been carried out in Vietnam visit of President of IMI Systems, says Yitzhak Aharonovitch.

Officially launched in 1995, but not until the year 2006, the cruise missile strike new Delilah was first used on Israeli air force aircraft Lockheed Martin F-16 in military operations in Libanon. According to some sources, in addition to Israel, Delilah is also in the armed forces of Morocco.
Delilah is stealth, missile attack is extremely powerful and very unique, when can “hang out” on the Vivian area House as a UAV to search the high value targets, are carefully camouflaged in a fairly long time.

Thanks to its light weight (weight of just 187 kg with multi warhead types weighs 30 kg), the compact module Design (2.71 m; length wingspan 1.15 m; diameter of 0.33 m), Delilah was deployed from the armed UH-60A helicopter, the SH-60B, F-16, or even fired from the ground.

Before you plunge into the target at subsonic speeds (Mach 0.85), Vivian coordinates file are installed in memory of flight control program Delilah, the missile will constantly connected GPS navigation system for correction of error, it’s only about 1 m, while the maximum range of up to 250 km , “coverage” of most of the long-range air defense systems.

Video: Cruise missiles strike Israel’s most feared Delilah what’s special?

Vietnam people’s air force currently are there in 36 Su-22 attack fighter together with 40 Su-27/30 Flanker, they can use as a platform to bring Delilah. If this missile-equipped power of deterrence, the fighting on will increase human, the integrated (though that system) according to the reviews still fully available.

Besides, Delilah air-to-surface version also have surface variations when deployed from mobile launchers mounted on jeeps, it can combine with other kinds of homing rocketry as EXTRA or AccuLAR (have the Vietnam people’s Army) to create a system to attack multiple layers.

Recently, Israel has emerged as a particularly important partner of Vietnam in the field of Defense, so the shopping prospects more advanced weapons originating from the Jewish nation is quite bright.

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