Vietnam-China alliance from modern history

In ancient and medieval history in Vietnam, in addition to the event the Prince “TrieuTrung” of the Song dynasty (China) along the remnants fled to DaiViet (Vietnam’s former name) refugees under the Trần Dynasty (Vietnam), then the same against Mongol, then there is no case of Vietnam-China Alliance together against an invading force from the outside.

In the modern history of Vietnam is that, due to the global expansion of capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, the great Empire from invasion by western expansion around the world, across five continents from Asia to Europe are in bold the footprint of their expedition. The status quo, the forecast, and historical circumstances of the time had driven the two Asian countries China, Vietnam came together against this threat, because the two countries are the victims of colonialism, imperialism, with the common enemy. However, the Alliance, cooperation between the 2 State, never trusted each other completely and close really. On each side there are calculated, each of the parties are for the benefit of themselves.
Vietnam-China alliance from modern history
In 1858, the Franco-Spanish force landed at Da Nang port attack (in Central Vietnam and then invaded Saigon. The French army then expanded the war invaded the southern Vietnam. In 1862, the King TuDuc of Vietnam signed the treaty ceded the three eastern provinces of southern Vietnam to France. In 1867, the French seized three pitches the southwest region, constitutes a colonial territory Cochinchine (Southern States) in the southern States of the continental province.

In that time, the Nguyen Dynasty split into many factions, including the 3 faction’s faction to surrender (himself “the peace”) due to the great God of the respective Ceiling Into the forefront, the war party led by TonThatThuyet and NguyenVanTuong, and leadership, and “home” by the Attorney General governing “Privy” GiangDangQue. In which the surrender is the largest faction, however the TonThatThuyet’s powers again. After King TuDuc death, the Prince was a little girl, Imperial Hue falling into depression, disorder, TonThatThuyet available powers in hand, along with NguyenVanTuong and his son, used a “means” to suppress the Court and scrap the old setting his King HamNghi , against the “PhuLangSa” came along. After the defeat in battle against the French in the Citadel, TonThatThuyet, fin King HamNghi out Facility set up Front against the French base, United Kingdom, from which Need TonThatThuyet and NguyenVanTuong and the leader of the war party, leader of the movement to Require the United Kingdom regularly contacted the Qing dynasty (China) please help against France. TonThatThuyet himself also to the Qing dynasty (China) many times to the bridge institution against France.

Qing dynasty agreed to French help for Nguyen dynasty, for the great South, along with the black flag army (Black army) of General Liu Yongfu, a warlord forces sects around-Vietnamese border. -French war broke out in North Vietnam, as the war between the Republic and the French army of the Qing Empire-black flag army-u.s. Army Vietnam war (by fin Design Royal code the warlord Inflammation), taking place from September 1884 to June 1885. The fight broke out because France wants to control the Northern Plains region of Vietnam and roads from Hanoi to the Yunnan province of China. Qing dynasty in contrast want to prevent France’s military presence in North Vietnam, as this will direct menace to their southern border region. More deeply, the Qing dynasty would like to take this opportunity to scraps appropriating body or is maintaining his influence with regard to Vietnam, ancient capital of today is “vassal” of feudal China.

Before that, when the war faction of the Nguyen dynasty, the bridge of the Athletic Director is Zhang Qing sent Appetites Promo suite up Qing dynasty coming into Office, has said that: “the country Vietnam and our country adjacent together which forces the Vietnam country truth is weak, can not be self so, we should, to borrow that played in keeping the aggressors hit Vietnam. Wait when there are variables, we took up the Red River “; so the new Qing dynasty Glass Weights, line of sight Post Wrong Parts army to close at BAC Ninh and Shanxi, wrong again I view Guangxi is From Scott Gore troops to responders.

After 9 battles and many other small battles, including the battle of Paper Bridge is famous in 1883 when Captain Henri Rivière was the black flag army-killing Nguyen, however in the end, army-Black Flag-Nguyen also losers, the French army had won. After his capture in North Vietnam, the French Government declared that they will protect northern Vietnam (Tonkin) and Central Vietnam (Annam). Then they continue to maintain the puppet emperor to King Bao Dai.

One of the causes of failure is because of not truly helping Vietnam fight against France of Qing dynasty, the two sides are not truly allied with each other. Also the black flag army (China) almost just a mercenary army, although Liu Yongfu also has the spirit against the West.

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