Vladimir Putin may terminate the Syrian civil war ‘by a phone call’

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “the only person on the planet” could end the civil war in Syria at present only by a phone call.

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after departure or stay all depends on what the Russians are willing to use his influence to induce him to resign or not,”-British Foreign Secretary quoted Independent newspaper Philip Hammond said.

British Foreign Minister believed that Russian President Putin was the only one on the planet could end the civil war in Syria.

According to Hammond, the only person on this planet can end the civil war, Syria by a phone call only he Putin.

“Just by a phone call him call for Mr. Assad, saying that the game came to an end, and everything is going fine. I am confident that on the most convenient time, that will happen “-Mr. Hammond said.

The British Foreign Secretary also urged Russia to end the bombing campaign in Syria that he asserts that the “carpet” and “tactical bombing indiscriminately on civilian areas”.

He said that Russian air campaign has increased rapidly on the scale and intensity in the past few weeks and this has forced the Syrian opposition forces withdrew from the areas they control. However, he said: “it is important that the Syrian Government has no force, no power and no organization to control the area. Thus, they have fallen into a bit of a stalemate. “

“We demand the Russian compliance with its obligations under international law as well as the resolutions of the UN Security Council that Russia had signed”-Mr Hammond insisted.

Syria fall into civil war since 2011. More than 250,000 people were killed in the civil war and has created a refugee crisis in Europe as well as the rebels ISIS notorious.

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