Wars of independence of the Kurds – Detonator for a new war in the Middle East has activate

“Detonator for a new war in the Middle East that is being built. Although the US-Iran nuclear deal almost finished, just waiting for an official statement, Iran and America will not by themselves directly involved in this fight. Instead, a rather discreet games are underway “.

The Kurds in the Middle East, ethnic living dispersed throughout the region (Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran), are at the forefront of this impending war and some Western powers are powers fostered to do “flags” that caused the conflict.

Like the invasion of Iraq by America and consequently it has spread the seed base makes Iraq and Syria fall into the chaos of the Islamic State, the results of the fight against ISIS also are preparing to push this area falls into a civil war again. But only this time, ethnicity rather than religion is primarily a progress dimension. However, the purpose remains the same, that is causing the most energy-rich lands of this world must always worry about conflicts, prevent the water in the area moved the oil wealth of its economic and military strength.

A new war are about to take place in the Middle East?
A new war are about to take place in the Middle East?

Thus, the election for independence of Kurds in Iraq is not a simple vote to establish a new State. On the contrary, this was a big step to a war no longer greater than what we have seen in the last 5 years. So, have the power to directly and indirectly supported the establishment of Kurdistan (Kurdish country name if separated from Iraq), including Israel and the United States, allies and have powers including Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran is strongly opposed to any remote the scene of a new State.

While the problem of the Kurds are outlined new political mistakes in Iraq, where the referendum takes place just a few weeks ago, this issue also are bound by old rivals in the region are Iran and Turkey in a relationship the ideal partner as strategy. The cause is because the Kurds are being nurtured as a good chess game in the new army in the region and will be used against all the Nations in the area of Kurds.

The Kurds became America's mandate forces on the field of Syria and Iraq
The Kurds became America’s mandate forces on the field of Syria and Iraq

So nothing surprised Iran quickly in reaction to the situation in the region is changing fast by making arrangements with Turkey. The simple reason is because Iran supported Shiite people in Iraq and the legitimate Government in Syria, and the game between Iraq and Syria in relation to control of the oil fields and the transport routes such as from Iran and from China. That is why the American-Israeli Alliance – Saudi Arabia first created or allow the conflict to spread through ISIS, and now this coalition are themselves arranged to use the problem of the Kurdish cause Iran to step into the game area and proceed the dynamics of his own.

The Kurdish question is creating a new Union as to how, along with the way in which Israel and the United States of America completely involved into this has become clear from the latest meetings between Iranian President Rouhani and President of Turkey Erdogan. Mr Erdogan was speaking about the referendum of the Kurds in Iraq that “no nation outside of Israel to recognize that. A referendum has been conducted by the side with the Israeli Mossad Intelligence Agency has no legitimacy. “

In this regard: “Turkey, Iran and Iraq have no choice other than to implement the measures seriously and need to protect their strategic goals in the region,” echoed the popular suspicion in Iraq that the the referendum would not be held if not Washington green light.

This implies doubt is Iraq and the allies are aware of the fact that by provoking the issue of the Kurds and the Kurdish push to constitute important areas of Iraq such as Kirkuk, they are being forced to participate in a new war. While we still don’t know whether Iraq had finally attacked to take back Kirkuk or not, things that we know for sure is that Iraq will not do so without the support of Iran. Furthermore, based on the resumption of friendship between Iran and Turkey on the issue of the Kurds, people can also see Turkey is entering the fight to weaken the position of the Kurds in Iraq as a measure to reduce the status of Kurds in Turkey and Syria.

While Syria, Iraq and Turkey have no relationship history with the Kurds, Iran’s case back to slightly different and the country also is undergoing slight change but noteworthy. Accordingly, a lot of political activity took place in Iran in recent days, look to geopolitical situation is developing in the area following the referendum of the Kurds. Next to a closed session by the Iranian Parliament held on voting of the Kurds, also have information that an important meeting of the Committee of national security and foreign policy was held in Iran recently. The agenda of the meeting included: the referendum; worried about the territorial integrity of Iraq; and the most important is the nightmare of the Kurdish militia Iranian Peshmerga are being the CIA used as a tool to cause ethnic conflict.

While Iran still insists that they condemn the referendum then their stance is not likely to turn into military action as long as the referendum is still symbolic, and do not become the demand was independence. Even so, but there was a lot of propaganda, originating from the West that Iran is planning a significant attack against Kurds in Iraq to regain the territory.

Turkey sent troops into northern Syria to prevent the Kurds
Turkey sent troops into northern Syria to prevent the Kurds

Former U.s. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad in Iraq, he has recently used Twitter to post news to know the Iraqi army, including the Shiite al-Shaabi Hashd backed by Iran, has long prepared for a “major offensive” against the Kurds. His warning was based on an earlier announcement by Kurdistan Regional Security Council say they are following some “unusual movement” and get the “dangerous messages” for this purpose.

In other words, this is part of a new strategy aimed at creating conflict. While the US has openly opposed the referendum, the fact remains that both the US and Israel continues to be an important ally of the Kurds, and they both want the conflict spreading.

Only through the prolonged conflict, then Israel can keep two rival Sly is Iran and Hezbollah are busy elsewhere, as well as the only such strife, the American arms industry can earn money busy. We all know the war was created in the past. So, what we are witnessing now is a lot of repetition that models itself in the land of wealthy Middle Eastern oil.

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