What weapons of Syria used to intercept the missiles of the United States of America?

The Russian Defence Ministry said, the Syrian air defense intercept successful 71 in total 103 missile “new, beautiful and intelligent” by the US, Britain and France launched on 14 April 2018 year Syria. Faced with hundreds of cruise missiles, the Syrian air defense force mobilized the old air defense up to more than 30 years by the Soviet Union, including S-125, S-200, Buk and Kvadrat.

The oldest of which is the S-125 Neva/Pechora, designed by rocket engineer Aleksey m. Isaev to complement air defense capability gaps that the S-25 and S-75. S-125 was the first time in 1961 and continued to be used by many armies until the present day, including Syria, Cuba and North Korea.

S-125 using 2 different missiles, missile V-600 (or 5V24) with 60 weight kg warhead with a range of 15 km and V-601 missile (5V27) with the warhead has a weight of 70 kg, has a range of 35 km and maximum 3.5 km minimum.

S-125 can destroy targets at a height from 100 m to 18 km, while the S-125 m in 1970 can intercept targets at a height of 20 m to 14 km S-125 m 1 version. launched in 1978 using the new 5V27D missile.

Since the Russian army began to replace the S-125 anti-aircraft complexes with the complexes S-300, research engineers upgraded the system to cater for the export. In it, the Pechora-2 m version has the ability to intercept cruise missiles with a deployment time within 25 minutes-Syrian army are thought to own 12 Pechora-2 m and 148 complex combinations of Pechora-2.

Besides, the S-200 Angara/Vega/Dubna is the next weapons campaign involved the interception of missiles the United States on April 14. This is no defense very far range (300 km) has the ability to shoot down targets at altitudes from medium to high, formed in 1967 and continues to be used today. Currently, Syria owns about 48 launchers S-200VE.

Before the shoot down cruise missiles, 71 of the US-led coalition on February 10, in 2018, the S-200 air defense operation by Syria, shoot down the F-16I Sufa Israel fighter air force crashed in the Jezreel valley , near Harduf, Israel. Both the pilot on the F-16I fighter said on the turn despite escaping fighters are falling but are all injured.

Engaged in the battle on April 14, is still 2K12E Kvadrat air defense, the export version of the 2 k 12 Kub anti-aircraft complexes. This combination is used since 1970 to the present, in many countries, even among the NATO member countries. In 2012 the Syrian Government army owns 195 2 k 12 launchers.

Each 2 k 12 Kub/Kvadrat 2K12E Launcher included 3 missile has a range of 24 km, and enough ability to beat the target at an altitude from 500 m to 6,000 m 3 m 9 missile defense not 2 k 12 weight 630 kg equipped active probes and can reach the speed of Mach 2. On April 14, the first 2K12E Kvadrat air defense of Syria was announced as having participated in the interception of cruise missiles and American allies.

9 k 37 Buk air defense is the 4th Air Defense interceptor missile range involved “new, beautiful and intelligent” due to the US-led coalition launched on 14 April on Syria. This air defense is the payroll since 1979 to the present, by the Almaz-Antey design and production with many versions.

The Russian military owns more than 440 launchers 9 k 37 Buk Buk M2 and 9 k 317 which in 2016, the 9 k 37 missile launchers being replaced by former rocket launchers 9 k 317 Buk-M2 and a number of rocket launchers 9 k 317 which-M3 was also the Russian military put on the payroll. Also the Syrian army is said to own the 16-18 Buk-M2E and 9K317E combination 20 combinations of 9K37M1-2 Buk-M1-2.

9 m 317 surface-to-air missiles and on the Buk complex in the Syrian army has a range from 3.3 km to 50 km, capable of destroying targets at altitudes from 15 m to 25 km on April 14 was also the first time that Buk air defense join the interception of American cruise missiles.

In addition, 1 can air defense interceptor involved series of cruise missiles by the U.S., Britain and France launched on 14 April in Syria that 2018 is Pantsir-S1.

The RIA Novosti News Agency on 9/4 said Russia provided for 40 Syrian Pantsir-S1 air defense system to protect the country’s airspace before the attack by cruise missiles.

However does not yet have any information that would confirm the Pantsir-S1 participated in the interception of American cruise missiles. Though there may not yet be at war, song Pantsir-S1 air defense forces in Syria will definitely ‘ torn ‘ Syrian attack cruise missiles in the event of a new attack in the future.

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