What you should know when travelling to Cuba

A holiday in Cuba is something that more and more people opt for his trip. Not only famous for cigars Havana, Cuba and Havana has become one of the most amazing destinations of the Caribbean.


Visa procedures to Cuba is very simple. If you go to self-sufficiency need to prepare your Passport expires on 8 months, 2 4 × 6 photos, the paper confirmed the booking and air tickets to Cuba. Time resolved around 7 working days from the date of filing. From 50-90 us dollars for specific cases. If you take the tour just deliver the papers on, travel companies will worry the whole for you.

Currently has non-stop flights from many countries to Cuba. You will have to transit through several European countries such as France, Russia, Britain, Germany or Canada.


The people of Cuba to use Spanish to communicate.


Cuba’s two parallel currencies, money for the cubano Cuban peso, and CUC (peso convertible) for foreigners. 1CUC value equal to 1 Us dollars and 25 pesos. To Cuba, you should not take dollar because only can change the euro to pesos. So, you should change the euro from dollars to Cuba through to money pesos. You can also use a credit card in hotels, shopping center.


Cuba has a sunny climate all year round, the daytime temperature rarely falls below 26 degrees Celsius, in summer the temperature in Havana is usually up high. Cuba has only two seasons, the rainy season starts from May to October, and the dry season starts from January to April, the sea breeze always change air, sea storms occur from June to November. The most beautiful time to come to Cuba from September to December, the last occasion the currency prepare to East.


In large cities such as Havana, Santiago de Cuba, but public buses going from province to province impassable, not very convenient. The current coach is still crammed as requiring car seat scenes the year 75-85 centuries ago.

You can rent a car or car manned but pretty expensive price due to additional compulsory insurance money according to the rules.

In Cuba still means the circulation mainly for tourists and the people here are the 3-wheeled taxi. This has created a characteristic cannot be confused for the streets of Cuba.

Cuba is a beautiful country of the Caribbean with the European architecture. However, due to historical circumstances, the country should still quite poor. So, the quality hotel in Cuba is not high, much like the old motels subsidized period in Vietnam, the rooms are not luxurious and the service is not that great. However you also don’t rush disappointed by where in the world is not that people are warm and friendly like back here and after days ripping games you will feel the intimacy, familiar in this land.

Hotel rooms should be booked in advance on the Internet will be cheaper than half come directly. Buy the sea vacation package tours and sightseeing will get good prices, from 40-100 CUC per person/day including three meals, hotel rooms from 3 stars and above.


Cuban cuisine, mainly European, use processing techniques of Spanish style, with some influence on spices and scents of Caribbean cuisine. For Asian visitors, then this menu on all the efforts will be very much.

However here you should also enjoy the typical cuisine of Cuba as the Paella dish, the rice is slightly crumbly Habana, heavy smell of turmeric, Cook with chem, clam, squid, shrimp in shell to; Quesadilla dish-pizza with minced beef sauce clip coffee maker; Jamon Serrano con melon-smoked pork thin plate with melon and olives; grilled salmon served with mashed potatoes and mustard Parillada de un … In addition, if the efforts were the European food, you can also enjoy the Flowers, which are quite common in Cuba.

Cuban beer quite tasty, especially beer Cristal or drink also popular and characteristic of Cuba’s Mojito cocktails-a synthetic alcohol rhum, soda lime with fresh mint leaves make a charming taste.

Own a bottle of Rum (brandy is distilled from sugar cane) “made in Cuba” will make this trip becomes more meaningful, because Cuba is the world’s Rum cellar.


Must tell you that, Cuba is paradise of beaches, but not win the shopping paradise for you.

Go to local markets to buy fancy food, fruit, cake left, or in the casual dining for local users can still use the peso cubano, but most of the restaurant, coffee shop, buy souvenirs and most other services such as hotel, rental car … foreigners must pay by CUC.

On average foreigners charged 3-4 CUC/breakfast, 10-15-20 CUC/lunch, 10-15 times higher compared with Cuba for the same item.

The stores here are also quite humble about the density and abundance of evil items. If you want to buy yourself the souvenir of the hero Che Guevara and the containers of glass or pottery is famous from the year 1791, enlist visited the store in any city would at 9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Saturday). The Sunday’s cart is only open from 9 am to 12 noon.

Has come to Cuba, you have to buy that, although just a Cigar only! Cigar there is a world-leading quality. If you want to buy are real, not cigar confused false then you must come to the Real Fábrica de Tabacos Partagás factory in Havana in containers also available branded for you. Cigar purchase from the streets could be confiscated at the airport do not have real certification stamp.

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