Why Korean peninsula people always hate Americans?

The pause button has been pressed on the Korean peninsula 64 years ago. But the legacy of the destruction is still present.

“We go there and make a fight, and ended up burned down every town in North Korea, in this way or another, even some places in South Korea anymore,” CNN quoted former Air Force Commander Curtis LeMay said in 1988 in an interview.

According to the figures of the U.S. air force, when the ceasefire was signed on July 27 in 1953, North Korea with a population of 9.6 million people-has suffered fatalities 1.3 million people dead including the army and the people. The South Korea casualties three million civilians and military personnel in total 225,000 inhabitants about 20.2 million in 1950.

North Korean carrying slogans against the US in celebration of the "day of struggle against the American Empire" 27 June in 2017. (Photo: AP)
North Korean carrying slogans against the US in celebration of the “day of struggle against the American Empire” 27 June in 2017. (Photo: AP)

U.s. General Douglas MacArthur was speaking at a hearing at the National Assembly in 1951 that he had never witnessed one such terrible destruction.

War on the Korean peninsula broke out when World War 2 was over 5 years. More than 33,000 Americans were killed and 600,000 people from the Chinese military or dead or missing. After the war, the Americans and the Chinese are returning home, and the people of North Korea and South Korea continued to live in the midst of the rubble-with the infrastructure is destroyed completely, the towns and cities destroyed.

And consequences of the war has become a major factor in Pyongyang propaganda activities. The conflict that has seen large scale air campaign first that American made.

According to the historian Charles Armstrong, the American planes drop about 635,000 tons of explosive device down to the Korean peninsula, which has 320,000 tons of napalm. “In propaganda (in Korea), the bombing campaign were considered the root causes of America’s sins and make sure it’s very barbaric,” Robert e. Kelly, a Professor of political science at the University of Busan, South Korea, said.

On June 25, the start of the war on the Korean peninsula is called the “day of struggle against the US imperialists.”

The North Korean Constitution stipulates “defense is the Supreme duty and honor of the citizens”, and the country operates under military policy, first of all, put the force up at number one. North Korea also spent a large part of the budget for national defense activities.

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