Why the people of Catalonia want to split from Spain?

A lot of people in Catalonia want to split Spain. When the people of Catalonia to vote on referendum 1/10, they only have to answer a single question: “do you want to Catalonia became independent countries in the form of a Republic or not?”.

The Government of the autonomous region of Catalonia today announced according to preliminary results, over two million people in Catalonia, the equivalent of 90.9% of people go to vote, choose “Yes”. Only 7.87%, say “no”.

The protesters support Catalonia separated from Spain. Photo: Reuters.
The protesters support Catalonia separated from Spain. Photo: Reuters.

About expert reviews the results of this referendum risk pushing Spain falls into one of the worst political crises since the year 1975 to present.

Why Catalonia want independence?

According to the Washington Post, for “independence” in Catalonia, the real struggle began more than three centuries ago, when King Philip V of Spain occupied Barcelona in 1714. In 1932, the regional leaders declared the Republic of Catalonia. The Spanish Government has agreed to become autonomous region of Catalonia.

But when Francisco Franco came to power Prime Minister of Spain in 1939, he had systematically suppressed all attempts to reclaim the autonomy in Catalonia, wipe all the institutions and separate language here.

After Franco’s death, the struggle for independence was restarted in earnest. In 2006, Catalonia has a big step when negotiating with Madrid on a privilege, demanding recognition of this region as “Nations”. However, in 2010, the Spanish Constitutional Court ruled on the request, giving the doctor the voices for independence as a powerful flare up.

Today, Catalonia captures large financial autonomy than most other areas in Spain. However, that still was not enough for not at least the people of Catalonia, like the New York Times explained: “many people in Catalonia raised and believe that they simply are not the Spanish people”.

On the other hand, Catalonia is also affluent areas with the highest levels of industrialization in Spain, with the dominant industries such as metallurgy, food processing, pharmaceuticals and chemistry. It also developed the tourist boom, thanks to the famous attractions such as Barcelona. Catalonia constituted 16% of the population and 20% of the contribution to the national economy in Spain.

The people of Catalonia complained that they close the tax amount to the Spanish Government but received disproportionately. In 2014, the Catalonia insisted they pay more than 11.8 billion for the tax agency Spain versus the amount received.

However, according to the BBC, “the complexity of the process of allocating budgets makes the calculation of whether the tax contribution of Catalonia more than how much compared to what they get through the Government’s investment in the welfare of the area , such as education or health, becomes extremely difficult. “

The Spanish Government respond?

The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to condemn the referendum regarding the separation of Catalonia is illegal.

“I say this totally sure and calm: there will be no referendum, it will not take place,” said Rajoy claimed. According to the Prime Minister of Spain as well as other officials in the Administration, voting to weaken the law and created a dangerous precedent.

Mr Rajoy what thousands of soldiers, police to Catalonia to prevent the referendum took place yesterday. Police seized millions of conducting the ballot, arrested dozens of officials are in favor of independence. The site included information about the voting is closed.

The clash broke out between the police and people vote to date caused at least 761 wounded. However, the Spanish Government confirmed the police action and adequate professionals.

Critics argue that the lack of flexibility of the Prime Minister Rajoy in the handling of the crisis has made the situation became worse.

Who opposed the Catalonia Cup from Spain say?

The people say “no” to the plan split Catalonia from Spain fear the regional economy would suffer heavy losses if the above scenario takes place. To a new independent Catalonia joins the European Union (EU) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) is almost impossible. As such, the cost of importing and exporting certainly increase, more jobs will be lost.

They also fear the Catalonia will face those who want to immigrate to the area. A “no” vote has lived in Catalonia since 1979, said he feared the region’s nationalism was turned into something like racism.

“They’ve created a monster, and beyond”, the New York Times quoted Gabriel Zafra, Executive Director of an Association of immigrants from the autonomous region of Extremadura, comment. “They have promised about a land of Narnia. They promised on a Catalonia full of flowers, where the happy people go to church every Sunday. It’s all lies “.

As the AP explains, those who say “integral” character for myself is a “silent” community. According to them, if voiced, people may fall into a social isolation, stigma and often faced violence.

What happens next?

Regardless of the results of the referendum on 1 October, to declare independence, Catalonia is still a long way to go. Spain will not recognize the results of a referendum or any independent vote in the Parliament of Catalonia. Madrid was ready to deal with the massive protests, is even more chaotic.

The Spanish authorities said they supported the constitutional reform, agree to provide more funding as well as greater financial autonomy for Catalonia autonomous region if this referendum. actual vote still but then, when temperature atmosphere subsides, nobody dared to make the leaders of Catalonia will not sit at the negotiating table, pen Amanda Erickson from the Washington Post.

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