World Cup 2018 will bring Russia back to central location on the world map?

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin expected to reap a more spectacular diplomatic outcome with the World Cup of 2018 is taking place, which aims to bring Russia back to the central location on the world map.

Organizing a sporting event attracts more than 3 billion viewers will be a gold opportunity to promote the image of a more dynamic Russia, moderate hospitality, as noted by Carole Gomez-the specialist of the French IRIS Strategic Relations Institute , on the influence of sports for international relations.

World Cup 2018 will bring Russia back to central location on the world map?

So that the Kremlin did not hesitate to spend the 680 million US dollars just to give the stadium in Saint Petersburg an automatic roof dome, which opened close to the rain or sunshine. Meanwhile, the subway stations in Moscow were refurbished, the name of the car station translated into English…

With a total cost of up to 70 billion U.S. dollars, the World Cup 2018 in Russia goes into history as the most costly season ever. But that’s just a little talk for Mr. Putin, as the Russian prime wanted to prove to the state public that, organizing the biggest festival of the King Sports is evidence specifically that the western Russian punishment policy has failed.

In foreign affairs, the Sobedednik newspaper in Moscow has identified: “Vladimir Putin is in need of prestige with the international and all he has done to pursue his purpose.”

The Kremlin owner wanted the world to be more important to Russia as he was once in the ancient Soviet Union: “One might not love Russia, but it should be important to be afraid of Russia”.

Seen from the Carnegie Research Centre in Moscow, the Russian public debate did not expect that the World Cup 2018 would be the magic wand to bring the real impact to Russia. However, the Planetary football Festival this time meets one of the goals of the Kremlin owners at the beginning of the fourth term of the Presidency – which is the investment of upgrading infrastructure. Russia has the restoration, construction of the stadium, modernization of public transport system in the capital, upgrading the train system… All such dynamics allowed President Vladimir Putin to leave an important mark in history, “as a review of the Moscow State College of Economics.

Other information related to FIFA World Cup this time is total bonus for 32 teams up to 400 million dollars, much higher than 358 million U.S. dollars in the World Cup 2014.

According to Foxbusiness, World Football Federation (FIFA) award for each team attending the 2018 World Cup is 8 million U.S. dollars despite being eliminated after the group ring.

In the first round of 16, eight teams were eliminated to receive 12 million U.S. dollars per team. Four teams were eliminated after the quarterfinals would receive 16 million U.S. dollars per team.

The fourth team was rewarded by 22 million U.S. dollars, the third prize winning team to twenty-three million U.S. dollars, the Asiatic Army would receive 28 million U.S. dollars.

The FIFA World Cup team 2018 will be awarded 38 million US dollars. In the previous World Cup, the German champions were rewarded with 35 million U.S. dollars.

In addition, according to Reuters, FIFA also spent up to 134 million of premium US dollars for clubs to play their players at the 2018 World Cup.

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